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Muddy Bottoms ATV & Recreation Park Rules

1. We (Muddy Bottoms) reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time at our discretion. 

2. All riding at Muddy Bottoms ATV & Recreation Park is at your own risk!

3. **Absolutely NO FIREARMS of any kind allowed on Muddy Bottoms property** Gun Free Zone (Leave Them At Home)

4. No fireworks of any kind on Muddy Bottoms property.

5. Fighting will not be tolerated! Anyone caught fighting at Muddy Bottoms is subject to arrest and will be banned from the property.

6. Please obey ALL Park Signs.

7. Posted Speed Limit in all camping areas is 18 MPH, and vendor areas is 5 MPH. Speed limits will be strictly enforced; failure to obey could result in removal of the park.

8. Do NOT cross any boundary markers, fences, or parish roads, anyone caught off property is subject to removal from property and will be responsible to pay for any damages to property.

9. NO GLASS containers of any kind are allowed on premises.

10. Prior to park entry, all patrons must provide Muddy Bottoms with a signed waiver and photo ID. All patrons under the age of 18 ("minor") must provide a notarized waiver signed by a parent/legal guardian. If a parent/legal guardian is present with the minor a notarized waiver remains a requirement prior to entry. All waivers remain valid and on file for one year from date of entry. You can pay $10 to the notary on site during events. This is a third-party volunteer who is willing to be at Muddy Bottoms during events for service to our patrons. 

11. Please deposit all trash in the appropriate containers as we want to keep the park beautiful.

12. Muddy Bottoms recommends everyone have proper safety equipment, and follow your vehicle manufacturer’s safety guidelines while operating in the park.

13. Muddy Bottoms will issue wristbands upon entry of the park that must be worn at all times while in the park and will be required for re-entry into the park.

14. Alcohol is allowed on the premises, however all state alcohol laws apply. Minors will not be allowed to drink alcohol while in the park. Any alcohol found on a minor will be confiscated by security. Minors in possession will be subject to a fine and possible arrest/removal from the property.

15. No Illegal drugs on the property.

16. Do not remove or tamper with any trees, shrubs, plants, or animals on park property, any destruction of property will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

17. Campfires must be kept in designated camping areas and must be attended to at all times. (No pallets or anything containing nails!)

18. Pets must be kept on a leash or in a kennel at all times and cleaned up after.

19. Quiet Time in Camp grounds are 2:00AM - 8:00AM. Keep noise down; radios, loud ATV’s, screaming & partying, etc…

20. Fishing only allowed in designated bream fishing areas. If caught in any other areas appropriate action will be taken. 

21. All ATVs must be equipped with working headlights. If you do not have working headlights, you must stop riding at dusk. If seen riding afterwards, you will be cited. All riders with high-beam light bars are asked to turn them off when approaching other vehicles and utilize low-beam lights.

22. All ATV drivers must be a licensed driver of 16 and older after dusk. This is for the safety of all riders. All drivers who are under the age of 16 must have a parent/guardian present.

23. All rides end at 5:00pm on the last day scheduled, the gates will close at this time. To ride on the last day of any ride, you must arrive to the park and successfully check in by 1:00pm.